Motorino e-bikes are built on a motorcycle-grade chassis and use motorcycle components, which separates them from e-bikes built for the domestic Asian market. The over-built frame provides unsurpassed stability while the motorcycle-grade suspension and hydraulic brake components provide control and stopping ability not found in any other brand of e-bikes.
Motorino e-bikes are built with an electronic Continuous Current Transmission (CCT) gearing system. The CCT controller has three gears and provides power at different frequencies for each gear. It increases torque by providing impulses to the rotor for a longer time period at the same current instead of increasing the current provided to the motor over a short time period. This also improves battery power capacity.
The rider can change between these three gears while moving. The result of this system is range, torque and speed when you need it, allowing Motorino e-bikes to climb hills and drive over terrain that most e-bikes find difficult if not impossible to traverse. The prospect of having access to smart, personal, clean, quiet and inexpensive urban transportation such as Motorino e-scooters provide seems almost too good to be true. But it is:
No drivers test
No drivers license
No license plates
No registration
No insurance
No parking fees
No noise
No pollution
No fuel
The XPN received some upgrades:
New LED high output low draw lighting
New Sign wave controller
60V operating system.
Inexpensive to own, just pennies-a-day to operate and fun to use, a fully electric scooter-style e-bike is just the thing for those personal commutes for which we need, or use, another car. It's a sensible solution that only requires that you use common sense, be over 16 and wear an approved helmet.
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