We are pleased to announce that Tuff City Powersports is the official Motorino dealer for Nanaimo. Motorino is a Canadian company that has been building quality electric scooters since and currently offers 5 different models to choose from. Their scooters are the highest quality electric scooters that are currently available in Canada and they are backed by a 2 year warranty.
Because Motorino scooters are electric they do NOT require a license or insurance. The only restriction is that a helmet must be worn and if the scooter is driven on roads, traffic laws must be followed.
Motorino scooters use a high quality motor that produces more torque with less power draw that any other scooter currently available.
What does that mean? The scooter can be driven faster and further using less power. Nanaimo has a lot of hills. These scooters can climb just about any hill in town with ease because they have a switch located on the handlebars that allows the rider to select from High Speed or Hill Climb. This makes it easy to get around. They also have enough power to pull a bicycle trailer with is a great way to get your groceries home.
Electric scooters are for everybody! Our clients range from 20-70 years of age, some serving for back-up vehicles for families with one car to full time everyday means to get to work and back. Just ask anybody riding a Motorino scooter for a true testimonial.
For a great introduction check out the YouTube video:
For the complete model lineup please visit our website or our showroom. For more information or questions please give us a call.
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