Prawn Star Pullers/Haulers presents "The Koa Warrior". Koa is an extra strong wood that used by Hawaiian Royalty for their canoes, surfboards and building construction. The word is also used for the name "Warrior".
The Koa Warrior Puller/Hauler uses a huge lb H.D. ATV Winch and a huge 14" main pulley, larger than any recreational puller on the market. This setup will pull in almost 44" of rope per revolution, without missing a beat.
The 1 ½" Aluminum tig welded frame comes powder coated for that extra durability and strength. The Koa uses a 40 amp circuit breaker, H.D. rust resistant switch. The main pillow block bearing is made from a long wearing, high strength UMHW plastic for more dependability which is needed for the Koa's extra pulling power.
The Koa stands a full 32" high, 4" taller than the Big Kahuna Puller because of the larger pulley size and for lifting traps easier over the side of the boat. It is available in red and black and many other colours.
Nothing pulls pots like the Koa Warrior; it will win the battle every time.
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